We have over six years of experience of flying and building aerial video platforms. We have designed and built all of our equipment to ensure that it lives up to our high expectations. Our platforms can handle payloads of up to 4kg with ease.

We own cameras ranging from the GoPro Hero 3 Black and DSLRs to THE SONY NEX FS-100. Our rigs can easily be adjusted to allow for the camera of your choice.

Our Drones, being electric, are environmentally friendly and quiet. Flight time is normally around 10 minutes, however, we have the equipment to make a basically unlimited number of flights following one another.

Most shoots require a crew of two. One pilot to fly the drone, and one operator to control the camera. The camera gimbal is stabilized and can be controlled in all three axis. It can pan unlimited 360 degree turns and has the ability to tilt through almost 180 degrees. The operator of the camera is able to compose the shot by viewing the video in real time on a large LCD monitor.




- Motion Pictures
- Commercial Productions
- TV Productions
- Music Videos
- Survey and Real Estate Videos
- Panoramic Photography
- Aerial Photography




We are located in the southern part of Sweden. However, we are willing to go just about anywhere to do a job!




We are certified by the Swedish CAA to operate UAS Categori 2 drones. We carry third party insurance for our operations.