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We are proud to introduce our new 3-axis Stabilizer. Recent advancements in technology have enabled us to produce this 3-axis handheld gimbal that perform beyond our wildest expectations!




Basic information:


- 3 axis stabilization powered by quiet brushless motors.

- Simple construction of anodized aluminum and carbon fiber.

- Handles cameras up to around 2,3 kg. (We are still performing tests to determine if the payload can be increased further)

- Allows for panning and control of tilt.

- Perfect for solo operations.

- It is sold complete and ready to use* with one battery and charger.


* The gimbal has to be adjusted so that the camera balances on it’s center of gravity. The  more precisely this is done the better the Stabilizer will perform.





Weight:                   2,2kg

Dimensions:          320mm (width), 330mm (length), 425mm (height),  620mm(handlebar)

Battery:                   LitiumPolymer, 14,8 V 3000 mAh



Order Information:


Price: 2990 Euros excluding VAT (no VAT is charged when shipping outside the Europe Union). The Stabilizer is built to order. We require a 1000 Euro down payment to secure the order.


Once an order is placed we will send an invoice for the initial down payment. We accept Paypal or wire transfer. Incase of Paypal, there will be an additional fee (normally 3,4% of the total amount) that will be added to the invoice. Once we receive the down payment, the order is secured and we will have the rig ready to be shipped within 3-4 weeks. We will then send a finally invoice and ship as soon as we have received full payment.



Please contact us for more information.






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