We are proud to announce our latest platform – the Venom!


This is a high quality quadrocopter that incorporates a 2-axis brushless gimbal powered by the AlexMos Simple BGC built specifically for the Go Pro Hero 3. This gimbal performs just as well as the Zenmuse – but at a fraction of the cost.


This Venom a serious machine in a fairly small package!


- Carbonfiber construction.
- Incorporates 2-axis brushless gimbal (with or without the AlexMos Simple BGC) and two high quality motors.
- Vibration dampening for the gimbal assembly.
- Simple and rigid construction with a lot of room for mounting various components.
- Possibility of mounting two 4S 5000mAh LiPos.
- Built around the DJI Naza flight control (not included).
- Highly suitable for FPV flying.



Then Venom is offered in three different packages.


Package 1:

Venom kit including 2-axis gimbal and motors.

€799 excluding VAT  (no VAT outside of Europe)


Package 2:

Venom kit including 2-axis gimbal and motors plus the AlexMos Simple BGC installed on the gimbal assembly and set-up.

€999 excluding VAT (no VAT outside of Europe)


Package 3:

Venom Ready-to-Fly. Price will vary depending on the components to be included.



Please send us an e-mail for more information.